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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2200F/G
Ajit Pyati

Week 8 Information Economics Review Notes What is the internetA networks of networksSociotechnological o Networks computers people content application Principles of the InternetDecentralized network structureDistributed computing power through nodes of the networkRedundancy of functionsMultilayered networksOpen communication protocols Internet as a Cultural CreationProduct of different cultural foundations o Big Science o Military Research o Culture of Freedom End of Internet as frontierComputer as a tool without a clear set of goalsComputer as an applianceDifferencesNeed for greater control and security on the Internet Why or Why not Effects of writingImportance and authority of written wordPriveleging rational linear thoughtCreating class of literate elitesWriting as a ritualWriting and record keeping Effects of printingA relationship between information technology and cultural changeInformation artifacts take on new roles rise of social documentsRise of new literaciesStandardization of typeface title pages bibliographic matter publishers markFixity of text ad of meaningRise of textual communities imagined communitiesMass communicationReading as an individual act Ways to think about informationInfo as a o Process o Knowledge o Thing o Processing The modern contrsuction of informationInformation and an independent entityInformation as a social force and idealogy ex information agesociety
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