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Media, Information and Technoculture
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Media, Information and Technoculture 2500A/B

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TheProcessTechnologyTechniqueStarShapedRelationsthJanuary 16 2013The Technology of Shoelaces by Edward TennerHow technologies interact with people with other technologies how they shape our lives and how they are shaped by usoInterdependencyTechnologyoStructures devices and systems we useie phone languageTechniqueoOur skills in using themTechnique often gets overlooked because few of us remember studying the procedure yet it is complex enough oTacit knowledge what we can do but seldom explain is essentialExploring technology vs technique through shoelacesoSubcultures have their own shoelace techniques the techniqueend results depends on the user ie a hiker will use certain lacing tricks to improve performanceThe evolution of technologyits ability to change to fit needs determines how long it stays aroundoPhones to smart phones It comes with symbolic meanings cultural and religious implications represents a group identity oExamples with shoelaces ie leaving laces unthreadedemblem of youthful rebellion but can be applied to all technologyShoelaces show the power of technological improvisation our ability to find unexpected uses for familiar thingsTenner emphasizes interweaving Ignore the what focus on the how More complex than we thinkoTying a shoe requires language materials etcNotes on the Theory of the ActorNetwork by John LawKnowledge is social product can be seen as a product of a network of heterogeneous materialsIt is a material matter but also a matter of organizing and ordering those materialsIt is single actor and multiple network at the same timeStuff of the social isnt simply human It is all these other materials too A network is not only people but machines animals texts money anything reallyIt isnt simply that we eat find shelter in our houses and produce objects with machinesour interactions with other people are mediated through objectsoThe argument is that these various networks participate in the social They shape it Medium is the messageoSo the projector like the shape of the room participates in the shaping of our interaction It mediates our communication and it does this asymmetrically amplifying what I say without giving students much of a chance to answer backoExample of mediation and its implicationsoIt operates on them to influence the way in which they actMediation has its consequencesIf human beings form a social network it is not because they interact with other human beingsbut with endless other materials too They prefer to interact in certain ways rather than in othersoThis gives insight into our societyIf these materials were to disappear then so would the social orderoParadigm shiftoActornetwork theory says that order is an effect generated by heterogeneous meansReductionist versions they divide the human and the technical into two separate heaps and they assume that one drives the otherLecture notesCultural determinism vs technological determinism Perhaps we should think about how meaning is produced instead of defining concepts based around a norm binary thinking Theorizing technology as combinations of living nonliving and social relations and technique as the meaning we bring to the technological might keep us from falling into binary thinkingBinarismComplexityoBinarysimplified this or that no middle ground describing something using its oppositesLiving vs artificial normal vs abnormal etcthese categories are social creationsoOnce you apply a label it is hard to unsee itoWorldheterogeneous different variety etc but we impose binary structuresoA pattern is frozen it has its limitations but we work within those boundarieslimitations and innovate new techniquesstuffie Slang as a result of character limitsfocus on the processCulture TechComplexityoInterdependency between technology and social its hard to separate them hence complexityoWhat is cultureComplex and fluid definitionie think of words their uses are ever changing slang condition dependentBrain Eno on culture everything we dont have to dooTechnology
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