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Microbiology and Immunology
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Microbiology and Immunology 2500A/B
John Mc Cormick

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Helminths - Don’t reproduce in body except Strongyloides (Threadworm) !!! - Nematodes: roundworm - Cestodes: tapeworms (segmented flatworms) - Trematodes: flukes (unsegmented flatworms) Intestinal Nematodes A. Pinworm - all children get it - midnight anal itch - scotch tape test, flat sided ova B. Ascaris - large worms, heavy infections - anesthetic fear- go to bile duct or stomach (come up nose or anus) - eggs in stool C. Whipworm - bi-operculated eggs - benign mostly - rectal prolapse if heavy D. Hookworm - barefoot walking- larvae into skin - suck on microvilli, suck blood - benign - heavy = anemia - Dog/cat hookworm- cant complete life cycle, itchy cutaneous larva movements E. Threadworm - CAN GROW in you - acquired like hookworm - intestinal phase - pulmonary phase - skin phase- like dog/cat hookworm F. Anisakis - from sashimi - grab and haul out with endoscope Tissue Nematodes A. Trichnella spiralis - undercooked pork, bear, walrus, cougar jerky - periorbital edema - spiral worm in muscle B. Filariasis - 3 variants - Subcutaneous
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