Media, Information and Technoculture 2200F/G Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Alien Language, Marginalia, Toothpaste

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Email, weather network, brain signals, syllabus etc. Thermostats regulate the temperature of a room based on information output. Knowledge (which is organized use of info) World is governed by information and organizational strategies. If you had all of the information in the world you would have nothing. Info is everything and nothing at the same time. Public information is tended by many intermediaries. A portion of the population should represent the whole; how statistical data is calculated. We can speak of information as reality (footprint in snow) for reality (instruction manual) or about reality (ltc bus schedule) Data must be structured, and structured data must have meaning. Data is bits and bobs that haven"t been structured yet; they have no meaning. Syntax: how data is put together in some sequence. Alien language has no meaning for us because we don"t understand it. It would have meaning for those who could read it.