Philosophy 2080 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Parol Evidence Rule, University Of Western Ontario, Estoppel

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Title MOS 2275A Quiz
October 21st
Professor King
Management and Organizational Studies- Business Law I
Type: c) Exam
Which of the following may be an implied warranty under the Sale of Goods Act:
1. Goods sold by decription will match the description given.
2. The seller will have the right to sell the goods.
3. The goods will be fit for the particular purpose for which they are intended.
4. The goods will be of merchantable quality.
5. The goods will be free of any security interest.
Mia saw a plate on display in a gift shop that she really liked. She asked the clerk if they had a
set of the plates, and the clerk said they did. Mia bought the set of plates, but when she got home, she
realized that they were a slightly different colour than the plate she saw on display. True or false: Mia
can rescind the contract.
Guarantees are entered into between the creditor and the guarantor, rather then the debtor
and the guarantor, in order to avoid which of the following:
1. The doctrine of promissory estoppel.
2. The doctrine of privity.
3. The doctrine of equitable estopel.
4. The doctrine of parol evidence.
5. The doctrine of pari passu.
Ron and Tom entered into a contract on June 1 under which Ron agreed to manufacture and
supply 100 barrels to Tom. Ron finished making the barrels on June 10 and delivered them to Tom on
June 17. When did title to the barrels pass to Tom?
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