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Philosophy 2730F/G Study Guide - Brian Dickson, Susan Hurley, Profit Motive

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PHIL 2730F/G
Ryan Robb

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Phil 2730 Media Ethics Fall 2014 Essay #2
This essay is to be 1250 1500 words long, and is worth 35% of your final grade.
A paper copy is due in class on Tuesday, November 25th 2014.
You must also submit an electronic copy of your essay in the assignment box on OWLSakai
for plagiarism checking (in accord with Department of Philosophy Guidelines). There is no
late penalty for failing to do so, but your essay will not be returned until you do.
And again, NO ‘.ipages’ documents!!!
All papers MUST BE DOUBLE-SPACED, using a 12 point font (Arial, Calibri, Times New
Roman, I don’t care). Papers that exceed the page limits will not be automatically subjected to a
grading penalty, but long papers are likely to lose focus, and so are likely to lose grades on those
As with the previous essay, any late essays will be assessed a penalty of 5% for the first day
that it is late (on Wednesday, November 26th), with 1% being added for each subsequent day
(weekends included).
There is one significant difference with the late penalty for this second essay; ACCORDING TO
CLASSES FOR THE FALL TERM, i.e., Wednesday, December 3rd. ANY ESSAYS NOT
SUBMITTED BY 11:59 p.m. on that DAY WILL (regrettably) AUTOMATICALLY
If you are handing in a late paper (with or without excuse), place the paper in the Philosophy
Department Mailbox on the first floor of Stevenson Hall. Make sure your name and the name
of your T.A. and the name of the course are all on your paper.
The key to this assignment is to recognize that it is, for the most part, the same as the first essay
assignment; the expectations remain the same, the grading scheme remains the same, you are
still restricted in the kinds of sources you present outside of the available course materials (no
philosophical sources), and you must stay focused on a single article... the only change is the
list of possible articles about which you can write.
What that means is that if you have questions about how you should be writing your essay (and
any essay you ever write), your starting point should be the ‘3. How to Write an Essay Phil 2730
Fall 2013’ document. Then of course, you can meet/contact me, or your T.A., or even book an
appointment at the effective writing centre in SDC.
What follows are a set of potential essay topics... if you need a specific starting point for
addressing a particular author’s position you can rely on these questions for inspiration... your
answer to one of these questions could serve as your thesis statement. If you’d like to address
some element of an article not covered by these questions, feel free to do so.
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