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Philosophy 2730F/G Study Guide - Mass Media, Propaganda Model, Profit Motive

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PHIL 2730F/G
Ryan Robb

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What is the Media Doing? 9/25/2012 3:01:00 PM
What Media is Doing
What Media Should be
Fourth Branch of
Most people
Most People
Propaganda Machine
Philosophy and the accumulation of knowledge is a collective
undertaking that involves presenting arguments, then criticizing
and defending those arguments
McLuhan: the very study of human nature requires that we
understand the message conveyed by the medium/tools/technology
humans construct as a means of helping themselves
o The message of any particular technological innovation is
determined by assessing the extent to which human life is
changed with its introduction
o In order to understand the message that is the modern mass
media, we need to reflect creatively about the way human
existence changed sine the innovations were introduced
o Mass media has led to the introduction of democracy
Norms, Rules and Principles
In order to properly inform citizens, so the citizens can make the
best informed choices in respect of political decisions
o Objective/independent not under direct control of the
o Critical not willing to simply accept the
statements/information provided by government sources
o Neutrality not biased in favour of any competing political
groups competing for dominance
The media needs to be a fourth, independent and critical branch of
The Filters
Chomsky page 1
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