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Philosophy 1022E
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Three ways of looking at timePhilosophywisdom ask questions about happiness and death knowledge Based on observations of nature and by forming conclusions Finding answers to fundamental concepts by asking basic questions Ex What is being Psychologystudy behaviour and mental processes Ask questions about the soul You experience time a certain way Psychologists ask questions does time exist or is it a notion of our mindReligion beliefs Religious people say that not all can be explained based on science and observations Have one overall answer to all questions Prophets have connection to nonmaterialistic person and have insights to deep spiritual powers which is their source of answers to unanswerable questions These answers are shared through stories from generation to generation SubjectiveYourpersonalexperienceorwhatyouthinkExYouropinionObjectiveSomethingthatisnotdebateablefactExYournameTime is both Subjectivehow you feel it Personal feeling of how it passesObjective the clock tells the time When its related to a material object that measures time Both a clock and sun move at a regular time Time that is felt or kept by regular motion Linear Time Does time has a linear orbit Passing from past to present to future in order Present is something that you cannot capture Cyclical Time Reincarnationwhen you die you are born again your soul returnsIs time finite or infinite Is it continuing and have a beginning or end An originBecause of ancient scripture humans have notion that time will end and in destructionof matter When matter is destroyed there is no motion therefore no time Called the apocalypse Means in Greek Things are becoming visible Body has an expiry date so it stops us from experiencing true timeAncient Greeks 600BCE Socrates believed we know much more than we think You just have to be patient and ask questions Spread his words orally Plato 300BCE had idea that before his time there was a continent called Atlantis where thetraditions of people came along from those who lived on Atlantis before it was sunk
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