Immanuel Kant

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Philosophy 1305F/G
Dean Proessel

Philosophy January 21, 2013 KANT Person / \ Reason Sensuous Rationality | | aposterori Law - Formal makers | apriori - Will is unconditionally good, puts other things to good use -Inclinations are not the same -Reason IS within our control according to Kant -Everyone should be able to determine when there is a contradiction or not – formal reason Will / \ Reason Inclination | | autonomous For an action to have moral worth, it must be the case that reason is determining the will (you are free). You are not entirely free when using inclination because you are susceptible to things outside of your control- psychology wins out over you. Respecting the law of reason: in our formal capacity as a human being When it comes to inclination, laws are external- but when it comes to reason, we are law makers. We are following laws and they are laws of our own making Motivation- conformity with duty Moral worth Kant is going to say that in order for an action to be right, it must conform with duty. According to a duty-based ethic, it is not about looking at consequence- but based on the duty to do what is right NO MATTER the consequences. You do it because it is right. Although your action must conform with duty to be right, it is not enough if one does the action that is deserving of moral praise. Example: page 76 Merchant runs variety store, kids go to buy candy. Merchant decides to not cheat the child. Scenarios: 1) Thinking about his reputation  Someone finds out that he cheated th
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