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Western University
Philosophy 2074F/G

Marketing Drugs to Doctors 4/12/2012 3:43:00 PM Building Relationships  Many of the tools that the drug reps use involve building relationships o Can involve spending a lot on money on the interests of the doctors  The relationship sets up the idea of a tit-for-tat obligation on the doctors o Seems to trade on fairness, but this may violate other ideas of fairness o The nature of the relationship must be somewhat dishonest  When an encounter between a rep and doctor goes well, it is a delicate ritual of pretense and self-deception o Reps pretend they are giving doctors impartial information while doctors pretend to take it seriously o Drugs reps try their best to influence doctors while doctors must tell themselves they are not being influenced o If the real purpose of exchange is accidentally revealed, the charade and masks come off and the “real identities” come forward  The relationships between pharmaceutical companies and doctors is not always a one-on-one
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