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2130-Module One Summary

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Physiology 3120
Anita Woods

Weekly Thoughts From now until the end of the course I will be posting “weekly thoughts” about the topics covered during that week. I will usually post these towards the beginning of each module, although this week I wanted to give everyone time to acquire the CD and become familiar with the Discussion area. Please let me know if you are having problems. Below are some "Thoughts" to consider after completing the first module. These “thoughts” point out some of the key concepts and explain things using everyday examples. We will also post some "thought provoking questions" that we hope will stimulate lots of good discussion. Feel free to copy and paste these “thoughts” to any word processor you are using. It's a good way to "take notes". As I mentioned, I will do this on a regular basis (usually once a week at the start of a new module). Here we go … MODULE 1 Internal and External Environments You should be able to distinguish between the internal and external environments. Be careful! - there are parts of the body that seem to be inside us when in fact they are considered external environments! These include the entire "inside" of your digestive system, your lungs and parts of your kidneys and bladder. Homeostasis As you have read, homeostasis is defined as the maintenance of relatively constant conditions in the internal environment (despite a variable external environment). Maintaining this internal environment requires almost all the organ systems in the body. I say "relatively constant conditions" because certain levels within the body will change slightly throughout the day and from t
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