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Physiology 3120
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Gastrointestinal Physiology Lecture 13 salivary glands parotid submandibular sublingualSecrete one liter to a liter and a half within 24 hours Functions of saliva are digestive and protective although digestive is predominant Digestive component is lubricating the ingested mass and cleaving carbohydratesThe protective aspect involves antibacterial actions of lysozymes and bacteria agglutination via salivary immunoglobulinsSalivary gland juice is UNIQUE to each gland each gland has different types of juicesThe salivary glands are a converging duct system start off with many thousands of units that drain into tiny ducts these ducts fuse to a larger duct eventually goes to form into one very large ductExocrine means into duct while endocrine means into bloodSalivonacinus with intercalated duct to striated ductCalled salivon because it functions a lot like the nephronAcinus cells of the salivon is where primary salivary fluid is formed this is formed AT RESTActively secrete HCO3 into the ductal lumenAcinar cells are able to do this because they contain carbonic anhyd
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