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Physiology 2130
Anita Woods

Module 1 - The problem faced by body and all of its cells is how to surround itself with barrier and allow specific substances to pass in and wastes to move out while maintaining its own internal environment - Physiology – the study of function in living organisms o How they control internal environments regardless of its external environment o Attempts to explain physical and chemical factors responsible for normal function and disease (pathology) - Internal environment – the fluid in which our cells are bathed (interstitial fluid and blood plasma) - External environment – region outside body (and spaces outside the digestive, respiratory and urogenital tracts o **the inside of your digestive system, lungs, and parts of your kidney, bladder are considered external - Homeostasis – maintaining stable conditions of internal environment regardless of the external environment (body temp, salt concentration, water balance, etc..) - Negative feedback system – contain a set point, control center (integrator) effector, controlled variable, sensor (receptor) o Ex. Temperature of house: set point: 20°C, sensor/control center: thermostat, effector: furnace, controlled variable: heat  The heat (controlled variable) when detected by the sensor shuts off its own production by the effector (furnace) o In the body, set point is 37°  Your body temp might drop on a cold day – detected by sensors in nervous system which signals to a control center in the brain called the hypothalamus which notices a different bet
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