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Physiology 1021 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Gestalt Psychology, Axon Terminal, Aan

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Nova Scientia Psychology 1000 Practice Exam Version 2
1. In your research on memory, you intensively study your roommate because she has an
unusually good memory; she can memorize material perfectly after reading it only once. The research
method you are using is a/an
A) Case study
B) Naturalistic observation
C) Survey
D) Correlational study
2. The question of generalization of findings is particularly problematic with research based on
A) Case study
B) Naturalistic observation
C) Survey
D) Correlational study
3. The characteristics favoured by natural selection are
A) Always positive ones
B) Always lead to larger animals
C) Ones that reduce survival
D) Can be either positive or negative
4. Modern evolutionary psychology argues that
A) Physical changes in our brains caused the development of mental capacities.
B) Change in the brain came first, followed by physical changes such as changes in
our hands.
C) Evolutionary pressures stimulated the development of thinking and reasoning.
D) Behaviours that were adaptive became incorporated into out genetic make-up
5. A modern evolutionary psychologist would argue that we developed the ability to think, reason
and use language because
A) they are by-products of changes that really have nothing to do with mental
B) these abilities helped us survive.

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C) these abilities appeared first and by chance and then became encoded in our
D) Nothing. Evolutionary theory does not consider mental or behavioural
capabilities, only physical form.
6. A new drug has been approved for treatment of Alzheimer's Disease. This drug improves
memory, learning and other aspects of intellectual function among people with mild to moderately
severe Alzheimer's Disease. Which neurotransmitter does this drug most likely act on?
A) Serotonin
B) Dopamine
C) Acetylcholine
7. Daly and Wilson, Canadian evolutionary psychologists, have found that most murders are
committed by ____________.
A) young males against young females.
B) young males against older females.
C) young males against competing young males.
D) young males against competing older males.
8. The dominance hierarchy among social animals serves to
A) decrease the amount of aggression within the group
B) provide a context for aggression to occur
C) settle the order of access to resources
D) All of these are correct.
9. A sudden reversal in the axon membrane's voltage, during which the membrane potential
moves from -70mv to +40mv is called ____.
A) the action potential threshold
B) the all-or-none law
C) a graded potential
D) an action potential
10. A tiny gap between the axon terminal and the next neuron into which neurotransmitters are
released is called the ____.
A) Synaptic cleft

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B) synaptic vesicle
C) myelin sheath
D) ion channel
11. According to functionalism, which of the following should be the type of question asked by
A) Why are we conscious?
B) What are the components of our mind?
C) How does experience lead to lasting behaviour change?
D) What is the relationship between brain and mind?
12. The _____ argued that psychology should study why behaviour is performed, not the structure
of consciousness.
A) Structuralists
B) Functionalists
C) Gestalt psychologists
D) Behaviourists
13. The text argues that to use “nature” as a standard of what is ethically or morally correct is
illogical because
A) nature is a concept not a power.
B) the status quo reflects what nature has “preferred”.
C) enough research has not yet been done to determine what is truly natural and
what is cultural.
D) nature is not moral, nor just, nor ethical; those standards come from humans
applying cultural standards.
14. The erroneous idea that those on the top rungs of society must be the most evolutionarily “fit”
is called
A) survival of the fittest
B) social Darwinism
C) evolutionary culture
D) Lamarckian evolution
15. “Genetic determinism” refers to the idea that
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