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Poli sci exam review december 6th.docx

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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
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thPoli Sci Exam ReviewDecember 6 2012Exam ContentLectures from Oct 23 All of Ball and Dagger expect chapter 2 Wolff IPP Chapter 6 Wolff Ethics and Public Policy Chapters 37Ideologies Systems of ideas with histories Ideologies are hard to define always changing systems of interconnected ideasAim to shape social change Should be able to answer these four questions for every ideology Explanation Evaluation Orientation Political ProgramBall and DaggerEvery ideology has a particular interpretation of freedomBryan Barry on Liberal IdeasFundamental equality of all human beings Inequality is an artifactEvery doctrine should be open to critical scrutinyNo religious dogma can reasonably be held with certaintyLiberalismMedieval Europethe reformation origin of liberalism long before the world thliberalism was made in spain in the 18 centuryLiberalism in England America and France revolutionary idea Glorious revolution in England American revolution and 1789 revolution in FranceHobbes Locke Paine Jefferson and the French declaration Adam SmithCapitalismThe role of the stateDistributive JusticeLater DebatesSpencers Neoclassical liberalism state is as small as possible minimalistGreens Welfare liberalism poverty ignorance as obstacles to freedom
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