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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

November 21 2013 AQUINAS: Everything that exists is designed for some act that is by divine reason Divine law is the authority of the church and humans can not see their super natural destiny, reason and natural law will not allow us to understand that, this is why we have a church. Reason can only take us so far to reveal truth and the meaning of life and its relationship Know how to compare Aquinas justice with Machiavelli justice Aquinas quotes cicero= humans do stuff and it is useful, Aquinas looks at nature in terms of practice and in real world life. True good is the common good, it is common morals common self according to divine justice. There is no true good that does not pursue good of the whole community. Legitimate laws and morals pursue the common good for the entire community When Aquinas says the philosopher he means Aristotle The good person always obeys the law. We should overcome the greed and hatred we have in our hearts, in order to be a good citizen. Gods will is to meet in the middle for moderation. The law has a jurisdiction. It is important because you obey the law when you are in the sphere, the area the jurisdiction of those laws. Can argue that if you are not in the jurisdiction you did not break the law of that area. Marginalization of ethics and the supremacy of The decrees of the tyrant are not laws because they do not serve the common good. Laws must be public, impersonal and general. Development of human laws should be gradual cautious and conservative. Everyone should be treated just and the same, there should be just prices. There is no such thing as political justice only market freedom can exist Our modernity is Adam Smith’s invisible hand where we do not have to care about others and we just work as hard as we can to make as much money as we can and by doing that we help people. Machevalli says law is nothing but power, it has no higher source for it. Los stato= the state is the prize when you win the game of politics Machvalli believed in freedom and virture and you need a powerful state. He loved the republic government because people developed freedom and virtue to have their own goals. Virtu = manliness, republics were based on macho manly men. Virtu (manliness) confronts Virtuna (chance) original sin of Adam and Eve, and therefore they deserve only punishment. However, there are still a few chosen ones whom God bestows salvation on as a
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