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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

Politics 2237E Section 001 Introduction to Political TheoryMerry Christmas TestD Long December2012This test is worth 15 of your final grade in this courseAnswer ANY TWO of the following questions Your answer will be evaluated under four headings style organization acquaintance with course materials and judgmentWRITE ON EVERY OTHER LINE PLAN EDITInstructions In each of your answers you must show a morethansuperficial acquaintance with the ideas of AT LEAST TWO of 1Plato andor Socrates2 the Skeptics3 Aristotle4 St Augustine5 St Thomas Aquinas and 6 MachiavelliA list of the thinkers on which it is most appropriate to draw for each question is included in the text of the question Choose from that list to answer that question Opportunities to use Socrates and the Skeptics to answer questions are limited because we did not cover their ideas comprehensivelyIn your two answers combined you must show an understanding of the central ideas of AT LEAST THREE figures or groups of thinkers from the above list1Discuss the relationship betweenandas understood by any two or more of Plato Aristotle S
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