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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2244E

American Government Exam ReviewCongressCongress is the group in the House that serves its constituents and attempts to represent them to the best of their abilityConstituent a person who is represented by an elected personHomestyle the technique used by a elected member to try and win the vote for people at homeHillstyle actions and behaviors of the elcted member to promote policies and the members career aspirationsBicameralism Congress being cut into 2 assembles the House and the SenateFunctions of CongressoLawmaking the Congress has to make laws that are binding to all technique used here is logrolling where members exchange support for billsoRepresentation the trustee a member who acts according to their conscience and the broad interests of entire society and instructed delegatea member who votes on what the constituents want regardless of personal beliefoService to constituents the members are expected to act as brokers between the government and the people Casework personal work by members for constituents is a way to help service the community for which the member represents They also act as an ombudsperson someone who investigates complaints by people against agenciesoOversight where Congress follows up on laws so make sure they have been enforced and are working welloPublic Educationholding public hearings town halls etc to get the public understanding of what issues are happening in the houseoConflict Resolution solving issues in the community with everyday AmericansThe powers of CongressoEnumerated powers the powers that are given specifically to CongressRight to impose taxes tariffsBorrow fundsRegulate commercetradeProcedures for naturalizing citizensBankruptciesArmyPostal routeSo much more essentially congress controls the purse of the United States
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