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Western University
Psychology 2075
Corey Isaacs

Sexual Anatomy 11/2/2012 3:28:00 PM Chapter 4 Genital Self-Image  Genital self-image – our attitudes and feelings towards our genitals Female Sexual Organs  External organs o Vulva – the collective term for the external genitals of the female  Clitoris – a highly sensitive sexual organ in the females, the glans found in front of the vaginal entrance and the rest of the clitoris extends deeper into the body  Exceptionally important in female sexual response  Only part of sexual anatomy with no known reproductive function  Mons pubis – the fatty pad of tissue under the pubic hair  Labia:  Outer lips– rounded pads of fatty tissue lying on either side of the vaginal entrance  Inner lips – thin folds of skin lying on either side of the vaginal entrance  Fourchette – the place where the inner lips come together behind the vaginal opening  Bartholin glands – two tiny glands located on either side of the vaginal entrance  Perineum – area of skin between the vaginal opening and the anus  The vulvar vestibule – the area of the vulva enclosed by the inner lips o Hymen – thin membrane that my partially cover the vaginal entrance  Internal organs o Vagina – the tube shaped organ into which the penis is inserted during coitus, passageway through which a baby travels during birth  Three wall layers:  Vaginal mucosa – inner layer, mucous membrane  Inner muscular layer  Outer covering layer  Pubococcygeus muscle – a muscle around the vaginal entrance o Vestibular bulbs – erectile tissue running under the inner lips and Skene’s gland o Skene’s gland – the female prostate, also called the paraurethral gland o Uterus – the organ in the female in which the fetus develops o Fallopian tubes – the tubes extending from the uterus to the ovaries, also called the oviducts o Ovaries – two organs in the female that produce eggs and sex hormones The Breasts  Not actually sex organs, but are significant because of their erotic and reproductive functions Male Sex Organs  External organs o P
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