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Psychology 2810
Riley Hinson

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2820 Mid-Term Review, Test 1 Inferential Statistics: comparing tests for statistical significance, such as a t-test Mode: The most frequently occurring measurement value th Median: the measurement value below which 50% of the measurements fall (50 percentile) KNOW the difference between parameters and statistics, and know the differences for the formulas and the symbols Mean: the sum of all of the measurements divided by the number of measurements Range: difference between the highest and lowest values in a set of data Variance: the square of the standard deviation Standard Deviation: the positive square root Boxplot: plot first and third quartile as the box, line in middle of box is median. The first and last bar of the boxplot represents the minimum and maximum. NEED TO KNOW THE STANDARD DEVIATION AND VARIANCE FORMULA (even more difficult formula if unable to do so on the calculator) Don’t write on formula sheet? (Hinson will get pissed) WRITE OUT EVERYTHING, the steps that you show will get you part marks on the exam. Show work, write out the formulas and steps. Normal Distribution: Positively skewed distribution is to the left, negatively skewed is to the right Introduction should address: - What are you doing - Why are you doing it - What do you expect to happen - Why is it interesting 3 elements to the introduction are: 1. Statement of the problem: introducing your topic Begin with more general and broad ideas first, specific ideas come later Engage your reader by beginning with compelling and original opening statement, but get to the point as
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