Psychology 1000 Study Guide - Detection Theory, Olfactory Bulb, Mach Bands

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PSYCH 1000 Full Course Notes
PSYCH 1000 Full Course Notes
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Sensation- the process by which our sense organs respond to and translate stimuli into nerve impulses sent to the brain. Perception- organizing the stimulus input and giving it meaning. Sensory receptors translate information into nerve impulses. Stimulus pieces are reconstructed and compared to stimuli in memory. Absolute limits of sensitivity: dimmest light in which we can see objects, softest sound we can hear. Recognizing differences between stimuli: smallest difference in brightness detectable, recognizing differences between tones. It is subject to variation with changes in circumstances. Method: fill 1 with very hot water, fill 1 with very cold water, fill 1 with tepid water. Procedure: subject closes eyes place one hand in hot and the other in cold for approx. 3 minutes: then place both hands in tepid water, ask subject to report sensation for each hand separately, instruct object to open eyes, although both hands are in the same water the sensations differ due to prior adaptation.

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