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Psychology 1000 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Antipsychotic, Gestalt Therapy, Spontaneous RemissionPremium

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Psychology 1000
Corey Isaacs
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Meta-analysis: A Look at the Big Picture
Technique of meta-analysis allows researchers to combine the results of many
studies to arrive at an over conclusion
In the psychotherapy research literature they can compute an effect size statistic
that represents a common measure of treatment effectiveness
Effect size tells researchers what percentage of clients who have received therapy
has a more favourable outcome tan that of the average control client who did not
receive the treatment
Smith and Glass…therapy does indeed have positive effects beyond spontaneous
Grissom found that clients who received therapy were likely to have a more
favourable outcome than 70% of those in no-treatment control conditions and 66%
of those in placebo conditions
Psychodynamic, client-cantered, and behavioural approaches were quite similar in
their effectiveness
More positive effects than Gestalt therapy
This finding of similar efficacy for widely differing therapies has been termed the
dodo bird verdict
Other researchers challenge this conclusion, maintaing that the fact that specific
therapies migh be highly effective for treating some clinical disorders but not others
How much do clients have to improve in order to have a successful outcome?
Clinical significance require that at the end of the therapy, clients’ depression
scored fall within the range for non-depressed people
Factors Affecting the Outcome of Therapy
Client variables
o Nature of problem, client motivation
o Three important factors
Openness to therapy- clients willingness to invest themselves in
Self-relatedness- ability to experience and understand internal states
such as thoughts and emotions and apply what they learn in therapy
to their lived outside of treatment
Nature of the problem- example, specific problems such as phobias
may respond best to a behavioural anxiety-reduction treatment such
as systematic desensitization
Therapist variables
o Empathy, genuineness, experience
o Quality of relationship between client and therapist
o This has the most beneficial effects
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