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Caffeine-Halluniogens Midterm Practice.docx

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Western University
Psychology 2020A/B
Riley Hinson

Caffeine Unit 1. Caffeine consumption in Canada is 210mg ____ 2. Methylxanthines includes Theophylline and Theobromine ___ 3. Plants containing Methylxanthines are coffee, tea, yerba mate, guarana, kola nut, cacao and cannabis. ___ 4. Guarana is brewed like coffee ___ 5. Yerba Mate is steeped like tea ___ 6. Coffee has double the caffeine than Guarana ___ 7. Guarana doesn’t contain theophylline or theobromine ___ 8. Tea arrived to Canada through Dutch East India Trading Company ___ 9. Tea was introduced to Europe by Hudson Bay Trading Company ___ 10.The highest per capita tea consumption is in Turkey and the U.K ___ 11.Black tea has more caffeine that green tea ___ 12.Coffee doesn’t have theophylline but tea does ___ 13.Black tea helps prevent heart disease and some forms of cancer ___ 14. Green tea has polyphenols (health benefit sources) ___ 15.King Charles II tried to put a ban on coffeehouses ___ 16.Coffeehouses increased alcohol consumption ___ 17.Tea was the drink of America during the revolutionary war ___ 18.Coffee Arabica is native to Ethiopia, made in Brazil and Colombia ___ 19.Coffee Robusta is native to Saudi Arabia, made in Indonesia ___ 20.Caffeine from decaffeinated coffee is used in tea ___ 21.Energy drinks contain caffeine added in the same way as in soda plus Yerba Mate ___ 22.From the most to least caffeine; Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Coke, 7up ___ 23.From least to most caffeine; Jolt, Full Throttle, Red Bull, Bawls ___ 24.The toxic dose of caffeine is 200mg/kg ___ 25.Gum has slower bioavailability than tablet ___ 26.The primary source of theobromine is chocolate ___ 27.Cacoa is the processed bean ___ 28.Cocoa is the unprocessed bean ___ 29.Highest chocolate per capita consumption is Switzerland ___ 30.Chocolate increases the risk of heart disease ___ 31.Chocolate has no affect on cholesterol levels ___ 32.Theobromine in chocolate isn’t harmful to anyone ___ 33.Caffeine half life is about 5 hours ___ 34.Coffee isn’t metabolized in the liver, it’s metabolites are theophylline, theobromine and paraxanthine and coffee is inhibited by SSRI antidepressants. ___ 35.Smokers metabolize caffeine twice as fast as non-smokers ___ 36. The immediate effect of coffee is only due to the placebo effect ___ 37.Pregnancy and contraceptives speed up caffeine metabolism ___ 38.There is no evidence that caffeine reduces fertility in women ___ 39.75% of pregnant women consume coffee each day ___ 40.Caffeine withdrawal can be seen in babies of women who use large amounts of caffeine ___ 41. We are sure that maternal caffeine use produces effects that are clinically significant ___ 42.Maternal caffeine use is just as severe as the effects shown from alcohol solvents ___ 43.In order for increased risk of SIDS, maternal caffeine use must be more than 400mg/day ___ 44.Arecoline is illegal because it produces hallucinations ___ 45.Arecoline is chewed and sucked, you use a lime to make the oral cavity more acidic because arecoline is basic it will absorb better ___ 46.Gutka is arecoline sweetened and thought of as candy ___ 47.Arecoline produces similar effects to caffeine in novice users and unpleasant effects in experienced users. 48.Arecoline is a cholinergic agonist which explains it’s hallucinogenic effects ___ 49.Arecoline activates GABA ___ 50.Arecoline shows physical dependence and withdrawal ___ 51.Caffeine binds to adenosine receptors, adenosine normally does the opposite of what caffeine does ___ 52.There is reinforcing effects for caffeine shown in animals but not in humans ___ 53.Acute caffeine intoxication occurs with 600mg dose (6 cups of coffee at once) ___ 54.Dose to induce caffeine intoxication is dependent on age, sex, smoking status and whether they’re a regular user of caffeine ___ 55.Tolerance develops to Cardiovascular effects, locomotor stimulating effects and mood/emotional effects ___ 56.Tolerance to caffeine doesn’t occur if slow regular use ___ 57.Withdrawal symptoms of caffeine are exaggerations of regular caffeine symptoms ___ 58.Withdrawal symptoms usually gone by a week ___ Nicotine Unit 1. The first users of tobacco were Native Americans ___ 2. Spanish physician claimed tobacco treated joint pain, toothaches, snake bites and bowel obstruction ___ 3. In the 1600’s tobacco was mostly smoke via pipe ___ 4. Smoking was mostly for high class men ___ 5. Tobacco establishments were called tobacco houses ___ 6. In the 1700’s tobacco was mostly used via chew ___ 7. In the 1800’s tobacco was mostly used via snuff ___ 8. The cigarette machine was invented by James Bonsack ___ 9. King James I refuted claims against medical benefits and attempting to ban smoking ___ 10.Sultan of the Ottoman empire supported smoking in the Empire___ 11.Czar Michael of Russia banned smoking, slitting the nostrils of first time offenders and executing second time offenders ___ 12. North Dakota banned the sale of cigarettes in 1895 but no other states followed suit ___ 13. Lucy Gaston creates the anti cigarette league, called cigarettes coffin nails and ran the campaign nationally ___ 14.Wrath of the red man against the white man was Lucy Gaston’s description of cigarettes ___ 15.Hitler banned smoking everywhere in Germany ___ 16.Bans on smoking failed because members of the government were addicted ___ 17.Per capita consumption of cigarettes in 1964 was 4300 ___ 18.Percentage of American adults population in 1964 was 40% ___ 19.1964 was the peak of cigarette consumption because Surgeon Generals campaign for smoking to be illegal ___ 20.70% of the Canadian population smoked in the 1950’s ___ 21.Men have always smoked more than women in Canada ___ 22.Teens show the highest levels of smoking ___ 23.Grade 12’s past year cigarette consumption was 13% ___ 24.Undergraduates past year consumption was 20 % ___ 25.Cigarette smoking prevalence is highest in Greece/Eastern Europe (3000) ___ 26.Cigarette smoking prevalence in the US/Canada is 1000 ___ 27.Cigarette use is increasing in developed countries and decreasing in underdeveloped countries ___ 28.Tobacco adverse consequences outweigh the negative effects on society than any other drug combined ___ 29.14 minutes are subtracted from you life every time you smoke a cigarette and tobacco users die 12 years earlier ___ 30.Sidestream smoke in worse than mainstream smoke ___ 31.Mainstream smoke is the smoke emanating off the lit cigarette and sidestream smoke is the smoke exhaled by the smoker ___ 32.Typical characteristics of smokers are adolescent age, high socioeconomic status, higher education, high levels of caffeine/alcohol consumption ___ 33.Three things that predispose people to smoke are genetic factors, social influences and physiological factors ___ 34.Psychological factors include low conscientiousness, low agreeableness and low extroversion ___ 35.Psychological factors include high neuroticism, more anxiety, leff self control and less morningness ___ 36.Comorbidity exists for smoking, particularly depression, because enicotine has antidepressant effects ___ 37.There is no relationship between adverse childhood
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