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Lecture 2-5 Midterm III.docx

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Psychology 2020A/B
Riley Hinson

Lecture 2 Midterm IIIthSteroids Continued StimulantsNovember 182013 In addition to physical side affects from steroid use one well nknown psychiatric complicationand thats roid rageTendncy of people to use steroidswho use themto have AGGRESSIVE outbursts very atypical of individuals Domestic abusessubsequent investiogations involve maybe professional athletes using steroids to build up msucel massto trainthen they became aggressiveattacking spouse etcRead it outuncontrolled outburst of aggressionSelf administrationWell demonstrated that the anabolic are NOT self adminsterednot reinforcing therefore Not overly surprisingreason why use for humansmuscle mass They dont produce reinfoprcement in same sense that cocaine does for instancein release of dopamineso therefore they will NOT SELF ADMINSTER In terms of physical dependencesometimes thats over inflatted in terms of importance We now know according to DSM Vtolerance and withdraw are not necessary to get diagnosis of substance use disorderThere have been some reports of some indivdidualsusing symptoms that COULD BE considered physical dependencemore importantly to notethese drugs are used COMPULSIVELY they ocntinue tobe usedsteroids do lead to conditions necessary for sub use disorderrecognized under DSM V Stimulants Number of naturally occurring plant substances that have psychomotive stimulating effects Already talking about xanthines because genrally they are mildnot troublesome like theseGiven history of psychostimulatingsubstances and plantsnot unexpected that wed see a long history of use as we have for other drugsearly history is dominanted as using plants that have naturally occurring substances in them Level of stimulationlowyou cant get lots with chewing cocao leaves for instancehoweverother plant substanceschemists come inisolate psychoactive compoundhget into situation where a larger dosecan be admisntered much more effetivellyserious abuseMa Huang and Ephedrine SHOWED A PICTURE GREEN branched sticking out Among earlierst recognized naturally occurring comes from leaf less dessert shrub horsetail plantPlant looks like a raggedy horse tailITS LEAF LESS Used in native environment Contains active ingredient ephedrinealso containsseudoephedrineLong history of use in chinese medicineAlso used in medical preperationsbronchodilatingasthma medication Also for NASALread it offephedrineused to be combinef with caffeine in a variety of preperationsmaybe for weightj lossthey do tend to reduce appetiteenergy boostThis has been BANNED due toof adverse side affects of peopleERDeath Cause they are PSYCHOSTIMULATINGexample from 2004steve belcher died from takingdietpills containing this Ephedrine has been banned from nutiritonal weight loss produtcscan still get LOW DOSES for bronchodialitingKhat and CathinoneAnother naturally occurring psychoactive plant Khat is indigenous to the HORN of Africanear Somaliayemenetc SHOWED PICTUREyemen It contains the psychoactive substancecathinonethe use of khat has been chornicole dofr al ogn itme in the past and the early form as a beverage or teacalle Abyssian teatypically sued todays bought as a bundleKHAT BUNDLE SHOWED A PICTURE Khat is now ILLEGALShort life must consume quick after its picked loses potentcy quickyUK still hasUsually leaves are put into QID or WADD and put into cheekmight add alakaline for instancemethod of stimulation very low In mouthused again as a after dinner coffeetea similarbut used in horn of Africa in Sanaamild stimnulationsome psychoacvtive motor excit suppression of fatigue and the need for sleep anorexialoiss of apetiteActive ingerident is cathinonefor a long time it was NOT ILLEGAL in Canadausa is NOW Still LEGAL in UKLarge amount comes in Active ingredient in KHAT has been modifiedto produce Meth Cathinonedone sometimne ago in soviet unionDone to treat depression appetite suppressantLOTS of amphetamines when they were modified they were done so to treat these types of disorders
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