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Psychology 2036A/B
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Chapter7StressandCopingSectionIDefiningStressStressful stimulusevent external to the human body that provokes a responseStressful responsea physical or emotional reaction by an individual to the external stimulus Interaction between stressorcharacterized as interplay and feedbackA thorough study of stress must include the stimulus that prompts the response as well as the response in order to identify an effective strategy to minimize or abate stressStress is both a stimulus and a responseThree Theories of StressCannons FightorFlight TheoryOne way to define stress is the bodys physical or emotional reaction to an external eventfight or flightfocuses specifically on the bodys physiological response to stressinducing stimuliIn response to a stressor the body biological systems SNS and endocrine would activate to prepare the body to exhibit a fight or flight response to the potential threatThe Nervous System and StressoRapid heartbeat sweating increase respiration pupil dilation dry mouthoPhysiological response to stress are initiated by a complex communication process that takes place in the nervous system oThe NS consists of the CNS and the PNS oCNSreceiving and responding to info obtained by sensory receptor sites oPNSconsists of Autonomic NS and Somatic NSANS is more relevant when describing the bodys response to stresscontrols the autonomic and involuntary functions that are essential for livingConsists of sympathetic NS and parasympathetic NSSympathetic is responsible for activating the bodys response to danger emergencies or foreign microorganisms that invade the bodyoProtects us from external or internal threatsParasympathetic takes control once the threat has abatedoResponsible for returning the body to its baseline stateallostasis bodys ability to maintain a steady state through changes in both the environment and in the bodys physiologyThe Endocrine SystemoA communication system of the body that sends messages using ductless glandsglands that release hormones directly into the bloodstreamoResponsible for responding to stressoPituitary glandAdjacent to hypothalamusregion in the brain that controls basic human needs such as sleep hunger thirst and sex
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