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Thomas sophonow was charged for killing a 16 year old barbara in 1981. 1st there was a hung jury (i. e jury members were unable to reach a verdict). 3rd trial deliberations lasted for 5 days (the longest in the canada"s history). After 4 years in prison he was set free, but not declared innocent. In the end (just by 2003 year) winipeg gov"t paid him 2. 3$ million in compensation and apologized. Civil cases plaintiff brings complaint against a defendant for violating his rights. When a crime is committed and a person is arrested, crowns attorneys office decides whether there"s enough evidence to press formal charges (at the preliminary hearings judges decide whether there will be a trial) If there"s enough evidence for trial more evidence is gathered and there are negotiations which usually result in plea of lesser charge. First impressions of accused and witnesses have a powerful effect on police investigators and jurors social psychological process.