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Western University
Psychology 2990A/B

Psychology and the lawThe Canadian jury Part 1 How common are jury trials two types of trials1 Civil trials disputes between citizensgroupsno abolute right to a jury trial depends on provicial legislation eg allowed in Ontario not in quebec2 criminal trials offences against the crown constitutional charter right to a jury trial only to some not all criminal offencesbut only for more serious offeces fines more than 2000 and or greater or equal to 6 months in prison see text pg 3236which offences will result in jury trial when jury is involved when the greatest consequences for the accusedPart 2 the role of juries they apply the law as defined by judgesto the admissible evidence and render a unanimous verdict of guilty or not guilty also juriesrepresent the community where the crime occurred Adds legitimacy and public acceptance to verdictsserve as the conscious of the community can guard against laws perceived to be unfair Part 3 two characteristics of a good juryrepresentative of the community where the crime occurred typical selection proceduresobtain list of people in community eg voter registration census local phone book ojury pool randomly select people form the pool eg 100 ojury panel or jury array each person on panel is sent a jury summons court order to appear for jury duty if you ignore you can be fined or sent to jail Is a serious criminal offence given a number and placed in jury room numbers are randomly selected 12 if criminal or in civil trials if your number is selected you usually become a jurors unless 2 things that can keep people off juries 1 Not eligible for jury duty varies by province eg OntarioCanadian citizen live in Ontario and are at least 182 must not bea member of the house of commons or senate of Canada
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