Psychology 3130A/B- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 53 pages long!)

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Different kinds of thinking solving an introductory physics problem requires sustained attention, the recall and generation of learned facts conscious and effortful process. Intuitive: associative learning, older of the two systems, evolutionary primitive brain structures, present in non-human species (i. e. primates) System 2 (slow: only present in humans, relies on our language ability, reason based, based on language in reason, evolutionary recent in brain structures. If you doubt your instincts you will begin to use system 2 thinking to find an alternative explanation. Humans can judge and predict information even when only given sparse information: ex. When trying to use system 2, system 1 gets in the way because its faster. When concentrating, it implies that you"re focusing on one thing, but also means your attention is not on other things: important but can be risky/problematic because other things can happen around you (evolutionary perspective)