Rehabilitation Sciences 3062A/B Midterm: Midterm Exam Review Lecture

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Rehabilitation Sciences
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Rehabilitation Sciences 3062A/B
Susan Hunter

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MidtermExamReviewLecture RS3062 6:30pm 9pm Tuesday, February 14 80 MC o General Organization: 15 o Spinal Cord: 12 o Peripheral nervous system: 4 o Autonomic nervous System: 2 o Brainstem: 14 o Cerebellum: 8 o Basal Ganglia: 12 o Somatosensoryprimary motor cortexmotor control: 13 Range from memory to application questions Review Last Lecture: PIC1 Middle section on dorsal surface of cerebellum: vermis Lateral hemisphere In between the vermis and lateral hemisphere: intermediate hemisphere Anatomy ventral view of cerebellum PIC2 PIC3 Cerebellar Cortex 5 types of neurons Which are excitable? Perkinje output Cerebellar nuclei going lateral to medial: Dentate, emboliform, globus, festicule nucleus Does pathology lead to ipsi or contralateral presentation of motor problems? IPSILATERAL Cerebellar Circuit Input o Mossy fibers o Climbing fibers Output o Purkinje cell **anything travelling downwards is inhibitory (like purkinje cells)
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