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Exam Review
- Generate a few terms from definitions
- If its not on review will not be tested
Sigmund Freud
- Definitions of religions will nt be tested
- 2nd chapter will be tested with his belief of
- Secular Humanism concerned with humanity but don`t believe in god
- Freud believed religion was just a illusion meaning, it was wish full fulfilment
1. Tension of nature (death) 2. Repression of civilization
Abraham Maslow
- Secular Humanist
- Peak experience ,and sometimes call core religious experiences
- Change appession of world around us
Richard Dawkins
- Secular Humanist
- Genetic by product- theory if religion is still existing many different species of animals can
survive by themse
- lves, but humans as a species need to be taught
- Slavish gullibility of child brain- comes from parents and stays throughout life and a child can`t
distinguish the bad and good from what people tell us
Sir William Jones
- Comparative Linguistics- all languages part of one family
- Science Started studying many texts and deciphering religious texts
Max Muller
- Science of comparative religion
- Sacred books of the east
- Was editor and made sure many sacred tests were translated
Paul Carus
- Religious Humanist
- Religion of science
- With D. T Suzuki both translated and wrote many books about buddism, and was face of
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