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Sociology 2169

Factors Shaping School to Work Transitions 1/7/2013 9:37:00 AM Get Missed Notes Factors Shaping School to Work Transitions Factors Shaping School to Work Transitions Mothers Community One’s work as an adolescent Demographic change and labour market conditions Older Workers, the Labour Market, and Transitions to Retirement  Older Workers  Also have problems in the labour market  Can be more costly  Stereotypes that they are less capable  Makes older workers more vulnerable to job loss  After being fired or laid off can have difficulty finding work Who are Older Workers? Over 45 Or Over 55 “older” may vary by occupation/social context Labour Force Trends  Labour force participation rates for men and women are high for adults in mid-life- about 90% of men (25-90) and 80% of men in their 50s  Biggest drop- 50s & 60s  By age 65 90% of men have left the labour force  Similar for women but less likely to be employed than men at all ages Work to Retirement Transitions  In recent days, work-to-retirement transition is more complicated and prolonged  Individuals undertake “bridge jobs” Labour Market Experiences  Impacted by downsizing, technological change, plant closures 
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