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Sociology 2169 Study Notes 1st Semester Midterm.docx

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Sociology 2169
Stephen Adams

Sociology 2169 Study Notes Chapter 1 What is WorkPaid Work An activity that a person receives payment for performingEconmist activity that produces a good or service for the marketUnpaidPaid Definition Exertion of energy physical or mental effort directed to some purpose or endMarxian definitions o An activity that produces a use valuea good or service useful to us o Tilly and Tilly 1998 work is human effort that adds use value to goods and servicesuse value means what is produced has value whether economically socially or personally Sociology of WorkMajor Themes in Sociology of Work o Sociological research is concerned with the impact of social structure on people and in the way which people shape social institutions o The link between work and social change o Link between work and social inequalityIncome is tied with inequalitySociologists are interested in work as a social activity o 1 work contributes something to society economically and otherwise o 2 People work with others and within social institutions iework is embedded in systems of social relations and social structures o 3 work produces social outcomes for workers income social identity social status social relations impact on healthWhat Sociologists Study o 1 the link between work and social outcomes especially social inequality social wellbeing o 2 Dramatic transformations occurring at work what people do o 3 Impact of working on people as work dominates most peoples days o 4 The ways in which people shape workunions technology etc o 5 Social characteristics of workers who works where how much For how longWhat does work do for us o 1 Economic roleIndividual level people support themselves through workSocial level work contributes to societal wellbeing o 2 Social functions identity fulfillment satisfaction social interaction social statusTHE MEANING OF WORK o Some have instrumental attitudes to work work is a means to an end o Others have an emotional attachment to work and derive satisfaction meaning from the work itself
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