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Western University
Sociology 2259

Deviant Sexuality The Sambia of New Guinea1984 was a patriarchy social power was embedded in the males and misogyny extreme distrust and hatred of womenit was believed that the presence of women polluted boys oNorth Americans perceived theme into categoriesboys being homosexual bisexual when young men heterosexual when they are adultsalso pedophiliaoDeviant sexualitysubject to formal and informal social controloRitualized homosexualityhave social and religious purposes intended to reproduce and perpetuate the society they live inoEthnocentrismthe belief that ones own culture is better than or superior to another cultureAncient Athensaristocratic men were at the highest level of powerslaves people from outside of Greece and women werent considered citizensthus normal sexuality for male citizens included sexual relationships with a wide range of people both male and femalethere was no distinction made between hetero and homohowever if a man had anal intercourse it is perceived as unacceptable only women allowed insertionhe would be forbidden to ever become a citizen of the state Term nadleeh to refer to both masculine femalebodied and feminine malebodied members of the community Berdache male prostitute to refer to biological males who assumed female rolesoSexual relationships with males was acceptable as long as they were of different genders oAboriginal women with whom early settlers formed relationships were called les femmes du pays or countrywivesththIn North America from the 1719 century meanings of sexuality shifted from focusing on reproductive ideals to intimacy in marriage to personal fulfillment agents of social control changed during this time as well During all eras hierarchies of race class and gender influenced the complexities of sexual cultureoSocial purity or sex hygiene movements In North America today although sexual freedom has increased considerably since previous eras judgements of deviant and normal sexuality continue to be made Criteria we use to make these judgements include consent nature of the sexual partner nature of the sexual act location and frequency oNature of the sexual partneroNature of the sexual act Exhibitionistspeople who enjoy having sex in places where others might see them In any given culture at any particular time in history certain trends or characteristics can be identified in sexual culture oExotic Dancing is it a sexual actthere are 4 types of exotic dancers survivors extensive histories of childhood abuse etc nonconformists rebels who come from a privileged upbringing dancers have a background in dance and enjoy the artistic and creative expression in the industry workers women primarily from workingclass backgrounds who become dancers because of the moneyalso various types of customers those who go for a party vs those who go to buy gifts and form a relationshipoPornography
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