Sociology 2140 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Interpol, Inhalant, Anomie Belle

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Sociology: study of human society & social interaction using scienti c techniques. Sociological imagination (mills): understanding diff between individual & larger. Ie getting laid off is it due to personal inability or to social issue of tech taking over society and make connection between history and self. Main elements of sociological imagination: view social from others perspectives, focusing on social, economic, historical circumstances, question structural arrangements, seeing solutions in changing society. 5 social institutions (freep: family, religion, education, economy, politics why study social problems, understand social forces that shape our lives, gain new insight into ourselves, make effective decisions. No def: objective & subjective material across societies & history. Objective: social crisis (homelessness, nancial crisis), can be indv (illness, loss of loved one through drunk driving) Subjective: not social problem until group, or indv, believes something is. Claims making activities: thing is a problem because it needs ratifying.