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Sociology 2206A/B
William Marshall

Chapter 1 Doing Social Research Alternates to Social ResearchAuthority when you accept something as true because an authority figure said it and you trust that source It is easy to overestimate their expertise all authorities are not equally reliable and an authority may speak on something they arent an expertTradition Authority of the past you trust what has always been said or doneCommon Sense can be contradictoryMedia Myths primary information given is meant to entertain not educate Hype is a problePersonal Experience 4 errorsOvergeneralizing using proof of your belief to explain to many things it doesnt actually explain Selective observation seeing only what you want to see Premature closure getting all the evidence you deem appropriate for proof of something and you cease looking for alternate answers halo effect When you let a positive fact or experience rub off on to other areasEmpirical evidence observations made through the sensesScientific community is employed mostly by universitiesSteps in the research process1 Select topic 2 Focus question3 Design study 4 Collect data 5 Analyze data 6 Interpret data 7 Inform others Dimensions of Research How research is used the purpose of doing it how time is used and methodologyHow it is usedBasic research for the advancement of knowledge answers questions like what and why and howApplied research designed to answer a specific question for a specific reason usually because someone wants is answered such as a sponsor Types evaluation research to find out if something is working and education program or marketing ploy Action research study used for political action Social impact assessment research predicting the impact a plan will have on a populationThe purpose of doing it
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