Sociology 2259 Study Guide - Final Guide: Safe Sex, Hate Crime Statistics Act, Peggy Noonan

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On being sane in insane places d. l. The view has grown that psychological categorization of mental illness is useless at best and downright harmful, misleading, and pejorative at worst. Psychiatric diagnoses, in this view, are in the minds of the observers and are not valid summaries of characteristics displayed by the observed. Normality is distinct enough that it can be recognized wherever it occurs, for it is carried within the person. Experiment: 8 sane people gained secret admission to 12 different hospitals. Three psychologists, a pediatrician, a psychiatrist, a painter, and a. Choice of symptoms was occasioned by their apparent similarity to existential symptoms. Immediately upon admission to the psychiatric ward, the pseudopatient ceased stimulating any symptoms of abnormality. None of the patients thought they would be admitted so easily. With a diagnosis of schizophrenia patients were discharged with in remission". Once labeled a schizophrenic, the pseudopatient was stuck with that label.

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