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Sociology 3332A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Food Security, World Trade Organization, Rwandan GenocideExam

Course Code
SOC 3332A/B
J. Young
Study Guide

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3332A Practice Midterm Exam
Short Answer
1. Name and describe the key concepts involved in globalization (hint: there are 4)
2. Define “Transplanetary Process” and how it relates to globalization
3. What is the difference between “transnationalism” and “transnationality”?
4. What are some criticisms of globalization?

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5. Define “imperialism” as it relates to globalization.
6. Define “colonialism” as it related to globalization.
7. Define “development” as it relates to globalization.
8. Define “dependency theory” as it relates to globalization.
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