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Earth Science-Shaken and Stirred Midterm Exam Notes.rtf

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Sociology 1020
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Earth Science MidTermShaken and StirredLecture 2Scientific Notationshort form for large and small numbersSignificant Figures Decimal after a rounded numberHistory of the Atom AtomanondivisibleLucifer and Democratic invented the concept of the atomJJ Thompsondiscovered electronsplum puddingRutherforddiscovered positive nucleus negative surroundingsBoerhdiscovered why electrons can stay in certain energy levelsComposition of Earths Crust466oxygenCrustbrittle silicate 590 km thickMantelplastic silicate 2880 kmOutercoreliquid FeNiInnercoreSolidAvogadros number602 x 1023 gmolElementDaltonpublished 1rst periodic tableMendeleevLecture 3Mendeleevfirst periodic table julius lothar von mayerhis competitorMain pointsacrossrowsup and downperiodsas you move across a row atoms get smalleras you move down a period atoms get largeratoms need 8 valence electrons to be stable fill their octetmoving across a period causes atomic radius to decreaseDefinitionsAtomic radiushalf distance between centres of two touching atomsIonization Energythe energy required to remove electron from gaseous atomsmaller atomhigher ionization energyElectron Affinityenergy emitted when adding electron to neutral atom to form negative ionleft to rightatomic radius goes downIonization energy goes uptop to bottomatomic radius goes up Ionization energy goes downComposition of UniverseHydrogen92Helium78Fusionhow elements are made only happens in stars because of size heat and pressureSunsurface temp6000 degreessame as earths coreSun CompositionPhotosphereConvective ZoneRadiative ZoneCore nuclear fusionSuns E sourceH fusion in coreHeat escapes core by radiationHeat is transferred by convectionLecture 4
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