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Women's Studies
Women's Studies 1020E
Leslie Thielen- Wilson

WS1020e Key Concepts Key Ideas Thompson  Feminist explanation  Feminist explanation points to unjust social McIntosh context vs. pathologizing individual  Simultaneity of oppressions (g, r, c)  Interlocking oppressions (g, r, c)tems of oppression can cause trauma to body/mind  Body consciousness  Analysis of systems of oppression as causes,  Whiteness as norm, institution,brings women of different race, class,  UnearnedAdvantage sexuality into view...  Eating problems are a form of resistance to violence to the body  Invisibility of group privilege rooted in structural organization of everyday life  Group disadvantage is connected to unearned group advantage....  Whiteness as norm / ideal is key to race oppression....  Similarities between white privilege, male privilege, heterosexual privilege.... Stevenson Culhane  Colonization  European patriarchal institutions & ideologies ( law, eco, pub/priv, NF, CTW)  Indigenous institutions(matrilineal, matrifocal, matrilocal,,... land)  Continuous colonial past/presen
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