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L.A. Silks (Sample)

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Western University
Writing 2111F/G
Brock Eayrs

c_ [c ZS[ZVaU`_a_ZW__ SYWŵ —Z`^[VaU`[Z ZS\^[\[_W_Y^WS`\[`WZ`Sc` [cST[a^U[_`_SZVc` c__a\\W^_ ZWS^T [cWbW^U[ aZUS`ZYc` !a WZ^WYS^VZYU[Z`^SU`_XWW_SZVX[[^ \SZ_ S_\^[bWZ`[TWX^a_`^S`ZY a^\[_WSZVU[\W W\a^\[_W[X` _^W\[^`_`[TW``W^aZVW^_`SZV` WU^[__%Ua`a^SU[ aZUS`[Z __aW_` S` SbWS^_WZc` c_Ta_ZW__bWZ`a^Wc` WZ& WZ^TSZ [Z_`^aU`[Za^WSa W^W(cV_Ua__` ^WWS_\WU`_ZTa_ZW__` S`VXXW^_TW`cWWZ ZSSZV` W Z`WV`S`W_ WU[Z_`^SZ`[X[^SU[X` W)` WVXXW^WZ`S\\^[SU W_`[TWU[ W Sc[^VWSVW^)SZV` W` ^_``[YW`` W [_`[a`[XZWY[`S`[Z_ __a\`[Z ZX[^ S`[Z_TS_WV[Z` WS__a \`[Z` S`[` W^U[ \SZW_S^WZ` W_S W \^WVUS WZ`ÊVWUVZYXW_`ST_ ZYSZ[` W^T^SZU [X`_U[ \SZZ ZS_S Y[[VTa_ZW__ [bWÊc[aVTS_W`[XX[X_ S^XSU`_` S`( SbWX[aZV W`[V_ (YS` W^WV ZX[^ S`[Z` ^[aY \^Z`_[a^UW_X^[ ,aV-.[ Z_`[ZcT^S^ W^WcW^W[bW^^VZY` W W_S [ZY` WT[[_c U S^W` W` ^WWS_\WU`_Z Ta_ZW__` S`U^WS`WU^[__%Ua`a^SU[ aZUS`[Z__aW_TW`cWWZ ZSSZV` W `S`[Z W `S`[Z\[_WV_VaW`[` W_`aS`[Z`_WX` [aY ` WUa`a^SVXXW^WZUW_ ZTa_ZW__USZTWSUZ[cWVYWVSZVSVV^W__WV` WVWY^WW[X_aUUW__X[^WSU /W_`W^ZU[ \SZbS^W_c_a_W_` WTW_`W]a\ WZ`SZV^W]a^W_S Y VWY^WW[X_\WUSUS^Wc WZ SZVZYZ[1[a_U W US_Zb[bWVZ` W_% _U^WWZZY\^[UW__c_ZWWV_` W\SZ`Z ZS`[ WW`` W_`^U`^WYaS`[^ WZb^[Z WZ`[X_[a` W^ZSX[^ZS W^W STWSV_U^W\SZUS_`[ [c aU U[Z`^[c_ S_[ZX[^WYZY^[aZV_ WZW_W[ZUW\`[XW^UaS^[YU WU[ZUW\`[X` WZ ZS^WXWU`_` WaVV _`\ [_[\ U^UaS^[YU2 _ ŶŴŴ56 W\W^_\WU`bW_` S`WbW^` ZY_SZWZVW__ZWcTWYZZZYSZVZ \^SU`US`W^ _`_` WZ[`[Z` S`WbW^` ZY_`W \[^S^(`_SU[ [Z \^SU`UWZ ZS`[TaV_[ W` ZY` S`c_a`` W^ZWWV_`W \[^S^SZVX1 SZ\^[TW _` S` SS^_WZ` WXa`a^W c_ [c ZS[ZVaU`_a_ZW__ SYWŵ (`_ \[^`SZ``[Z[`W W^W` S`aZW` W ZW_W W^USZ_bWZS [Z[U ^[ U_[UW`c W^W` W_SZY,` WW]aS_ [ZW-_S_`^[ZYTWWX _`^[ZY^WU[ WZVS`[Zc[aVTW`[TaVS_[V^WS`[Z_ \c` ^!a` S` cW` Z[c` S`c_bSaW_`_7[Z`\S^`ZW^_ \`SXXcZWWV`[ VWbW[\STaW\^Z`[X` W\SZ`VW`SZYWbW^S_\WU`X^[ `\W_[X`W_`[` W bWZ`S`[Z__`W S` W^` SZ\^W_WZ` ^!ac` S` W\SZ_S`[ZUW\^W_WZ` ` W ZVbVaS _cU^WS`WSZa_[Z` S`\SZ_S^WTWZYVWb_WV^WUWZ` a_ZW__ZZSS_WVZ[ZXaUSZ[aY` ZS`^WV`[W1\SZV`_WX]aUZS_aUUW__XaS``W \``[ [VW^Z&W`_WXc` ` W/W_` ZScS_STW`[Y^[c^S\VSZV_aUUW__XaT\^[VaUZY S`W^S Y[[V_]aUS`S[cU[_`2 _ŶŴŴ5\Żŷ6` [aY ` WS^WWU[Z[ US X[Ua_WVZTWU[ ZY [VW^Z&WV`^SV`[Z__`S_`^[ZYS_\WU`Z ZS (`_ \[^`SZ`Z ZW_WUa`a^WX[^\W[\W`[`SWUS^W[X` W^^WS`[Z_ \_ZW [X` WX[aZVZY\^ZU\W_Z ZS_aSZ)` W[YUTW ZVYaSZ_` S``_S TS`W^S^WS`[Z_ \2 TW^/`&W=ŶŴŴŴ6(X[ZW\S^`V[W_Z[`U[Z
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