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Writing 2121F/G
Tim Freeborn

Writing 2121 January 8, 2013 Parts of Speech Parts of a Sentence 1. Noun - Subject, Object - Names a person, place or thing - Clause pattern opens with a - Most can be made plural subject and ends with an object - Can put an article in front - Subject and object are nouns - S+V+O=Conventional syntactical 2. Verb order - Name actions - Tim loves grammar - Also describes states of being - Look to the left of verb for subject - To be is the most common - Object receives the action (linking a verb) - Order is important - Some can function as actions or - Linking verbs don’t describe an states of being (ex. Smell) action, what follows is the subject complement 3. Adverbs Completes the meaning of the - Modify verbs, adjectives, sentence subject - Adverbs that modify sentences - S-LV-Subject Complement are conjunctive adverbs - An adjective by itself cannot be a (however, moreover), they grammatical object but can be a provide a link between two subject complement sentences - Ex. Tim loves grammar - Tell us something about the verb passionately (Adverb) - Can take more than one position Tells how Tim loves it in the sentence without changing Info about verb ex. instead meaning - Conjoin clauses - Some tell the place of an action, when an action occurred, and the - Adjective typically proceed nouns extent of an action Ex. I endured an informative grammar (adj.) lesson (N) 4. Adjective Both adjectives - Modifies the noun Adverbs can modify adjectives - Answer which one, what kind of (so, very, not) - Appear before noun, after linking The lesson was (LV) very (SC) verb informative (adj.) - Limited in what it does - Words that tell us something about the adjective is an adverb The lesson was not (adverb) very (adverb) informative - Ex. It (looks back) - Pronoun can be a grammatical 5. Pro-noun subject or object (he, she) - Takes place of noun - Many types, 2 classes that are problematic - Conjunction and prepositions are - Look back at that noun linking words - Have to be grammatically equal 6. Conjunction - Ex. Sam offered me food and – Linking function water – Link a variety of words and word groups (phrases, clauses) – 7 coordinate conjunctions (ex. And, but, yet, so, for, or, nor, if) Bring together grammatically - Noun that follows the preposition
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