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Sofy Carayannopoulos

Information Technology The various devices for creating storing exchanging and using informationDevices include both hard and softwareInfotech devicecellphone laptopInfotech devices are used in every organization Consumers use it daily ex ATM shopping Companies use it to gather information on customers and run operations Information Technology and Organizational Processes Better service through coordinationDelivery and information Customers find what they want and how they want it customization Online shopping is efficient If you like this you may also like this Leaner more efficient organizationsNetworks enable information linkages between employees Do not need as many employees Instant access to information for decisionmaking and increased responsiveness Used to have to create a memo photocopy it and hand them out to each individual Now you just have to email it to everybody Much simpler and saves timeYou can look stuff up yourself you no longer have to wait days for an answer tosomethingCan work from remote locations at any time Employees no longer have to be in a cubicle because they can constantly be connectedthrough technology The CEO can travel to various locations of the company because of infotech Increased collaboration inside and out Greater independence of company and workplaceDont need to be in an office to be coordinated Can use technologies such as BBM groups Improved management processesCAD ERP CADComputer Assisted DesignCan build a product faster and better ERPEnergize Resource PlanningReduce amount of mistakes and money whichestablishes a competitive advantageCAD allows you to virtually build the productToyota used CAS to reduce the number of bolts needed in production This generatedsignificant cost savings Improved flexibility for customization Need to build and meet customer needs and each customer is different Mass customization Can communicate to technology how to customize for customersTimbuk2 backpacks Allows customers to tell innovators how they want it customizedAt one time you could only choose from what was mass customized and what was instore Providing new business opportunitiesReaching clients in a new or improved wayCan communicate with clients faster and cheaperEx Kijiji and eBay
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