BU121 Study Guide - Final Guide: Criterion Validity, Subfactor, Job Analysis

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4 Apr 2016

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Yield raio - % of applicants that proceed to the next stage. Time lapse data or tth (tim-to-hire) from start of recruitment to start of work. Is a predicing the process and have to go through the applicant process to get rid of people. At the beginning, spend less ime and money to large pool, once narrow down, spend more ime and money on a more qualiied tool. There is a reason behind this and you should do it anyways, and it is provincial legislated. Eg: prohibit discriminaion encourage diversity, ontario human right prevent discriminaion once hire. From a markeing perspecive, you need a wide diversity to help to get your brand out there. You also don" want to discriminate because it also afects the percepion of how the employees get atracted to your company, and you don"t hire the best people because you don"t focus on the quality that actually maters.

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