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CH110 Study Guide - Final Guide: Photon, Nikolay Bogolyubov, Plane Wave

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Quinn Major
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7. Concluding remarks
The present paper shows that, when trying to
understand the principles of quantum mechanics,
account must be taken of the fact that the objects of
investigation for quantum mechanics are charged
particles, systems of charged particles or particles
creating magnetic fields. Only if the electromagnetic
radiation that always accompanies nonstationary
processes in the above objects is properly allowed for,
does the peculiar role played by stationary states
become evident. In the paper we emphasized also the
role of resonance phenomena in which the stationary
states manifest themselves once again. Although the
resonance phenomena are well-known, their important
role in quantum mechanics was not assessed at its true
In the paper it was demonstrated in particular that the
resonance phenomena can explain various effects that
are ascribed usually to manifestation of particle-like
photons. Consequently, arguments that are traditionally
put forward to confirm the existence of the photons are
in no way justified, and therefore light as well as any
other electromagnetic radiation possess undulatory
properties alone. It is to be emphasized that this in no
wise excludes the existence of dual (corpuscular and
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