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Week 8 Keller identifies 3 basic ingredients essential or early journalism - Halftone printing o Prior to this technology papers relied on woodcuts or line drawings o Halftone refers to the printing of pictures as clustered dots o The illustrated weeklies initially spread moral shockwaves: pictures were not viewed as legitimate news o Yet as the technology improved, photos became a regular feature of news 0 1873 – approximately100pictures/week - Press photographers o As photography became attractive to papers, it opened up a new job markets o Their smaller and increasingly portable cameras allowed them increased mobility o Formed a newsgathering network o Note that the increase in photojournalists made the role of draughtsmen obsolete o It came to be that no important occasion could take place without photographic coverage - Photo agencies o Agencies were set up to disseminate news photos o Because not every photographer could be everywhere at once, the agencies were set up as intermediaries. They could collect photographs from independent photojournalists and distribute them to multiple newspapers o Beneficial for news papers: they do not have to fund as many photojournalists Chaper 22 early motion pictures - The kinetoscope was the precursor to movies as we know them o Kinetic or kinesiology – movement o Telescope or microscope – to do with seeing o Kinetoscope – seeing movement - Eudward Muybridge developed photographs the purpose f scientific advancement o It was an individualized experience lasting around 15 seconds What was the nickelodian? Why do you thinkit would cause a moral panic? - The nickelodeon was the original movie theatre o Store theatres began as early as 1986 in New Orleans and Chi
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