CS101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Album-Oriented Rock, Music Of Canada, Telefilm Canada

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17 Oct 2012

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With what effect? (usually an effect or response. Focuses on the different areas of language, media, and culture. Raymond williams states that communications if the notion of transmission" as a one-way process. The idea of a one way process relates to ideas of manipulative communication(s)" including television, radio, and film. The propaganda systems of the nazis in germany or in the soviet union in the 1930s. Communication: communication as the process of sending a message from one person to another. One of the most enduring models of communication: Non-verbal-we read the cues that we get from other people. Graphical-the symbolic and pictorial modes of graphics work. How images are put together and the ways in which they work to communicate particular messages. Numerical-understanding the ways in which numerical terms are applied. How the printing press has established many things such as the internet. The centralized production and dissemination of mass information and entertainment.