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Wilfrid Laurier University
William Bill Quinton

11272013 73300 AM 4 breakdown of weather chemical 4physical plantsaction of roots biological soli creep intercept able centimeters by year can move to upslope over years can move material up stream as the ice forms it rises up but then when it melts it doesnt fall straight down it falls down with gravity down the slope Like a Zig Zag shape Solifluction figure 1321 pg393417Rapid Mass Movement Rock fallo Scree slope Callus Mud flow o Wet regionIn between of the rock fall and mud flow we have translation slide slump rotational slide and earth flowIn between drier and wetter rock movements and in between rock fall and mud flow is Debris avalanche Fall in the transition of rapid and slow and dry and wetidentical of mass resting Chapter 15Movement down hill slopes See second point on Soil creep Lacustream deposits by lakes and rivers Mariene deposits are by the mountatins These all come from somewhere else Idencious are our bedrock parent material form came out of the earth Composed of soil development ErosionTransportDeposition are on going processes no start and no end goes in a circleErosion Deflation o happens because of small particles some require less energy thus requires less energy from windo becomes smaller over time Figure 153 desert pavement formation Grain size desert pavementabrasion o Wind carries particles and they part their energy to a surface and can be so power full that it blasts against the surface it toucheso ex In the arctic it blasts against the bottom of the trees sandblasting Requirements for Erosiono Energy to move particleso kinetic energy is the energy of motion movement Energy comes from the wind profile as you get further away from the ground frictional process to get to geostrophic windThe stress imposed on the ground surface and on the wind is greater than the wind particles Stress is shear stress because the direction of the stress is in the opposite direction from the strength imposing resistance The shear stress must exceed the strength over the ground surfaceThe amount of velocity of erosion changes the wind because it is a power relationship Wind velocity at 2m and grain diameterthe first increasing slope is impact threefold which require less wind velocitythe second increasing slop is fluid threshold with require more wind velocity Need a higher wind velocity per grain diameter
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