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Term Definition Active Layer layer situated above the Week 6: Related to Permafrost permafrost table which is seasonally thawed during the summer Permafrost Table  depth at which the temperature Week 6: Related to Permafrost remains below 0 degrees Celsius for lecture 2 or more years Solar Zenith angle measured from directly Week 9: Related to Albedo overhead to the geometric centre of the sun's disc (Angle large, the effectiveness of heating ground surface is small) Unsaturated Zone or below groundwater zone Vadose Zone Porosity volume of voids in the soil/parent Week 9: Groundwater Storage material in a Basin Soil Moisture vadose zone: always contains Week 9: Groundwater Storage in some water a Basin Field Capacity  volume of water held in Week 9: Groundwater Storage in unsaturated zone by CAPILLARY a Basin FORCES against the force of gravity Saturated Soils  gravitational forces play a Week 9: Groundwater Storage in dominant role a Basin Unsaturated Soils  molecular forces are extremely Week 9: Groundwater Storage in important; Capillary Forces are a Basin working in opposition to gravity Adhesion  absorption onto negatively Week 9: soil infiltration charged soil colloids Cohesion  surface tension of water Week 9: soil infiltration Conditions of Evaporation  heat source, relative humidity, Week 11: precipitation and wind Specific Humidity  the mass of water vapour per Week 11: precipitation kilogram of air that can be held as a gas at a specific temperature Direct Climate Forcing  Cooling effect of aerosols: direct Week 12: Related to Aerosols reflection of solar radiation Lambert Law
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