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Global Studies
Ali Zaidi

GS 101Final Exam Review Essay Questions The following set of essay questions are meant to help you study for the final exam Questions similar to these will appear on the final exam NeoLiberalism 1Discuss how the economic implications of globalization are or are not affecting the sovereignty of nationstates Do you think this is in keeping with the framework of thpolitical governance that was in place for much of the 20 c or not Be sure to cite examples from the readings lectures and films to support your answer Want to know you point of view if the nation state still exists or if its more sovern Explain what the terms mean and give contextual background nation state nationstate Sovereignty nations that are Nationstate when the treaty was signed Globalization Get into arguing your thesisyou say why the nation state exist or if soverenity exists Two part question Do you think nation states exist and if there is economic sovereignty examplesPASSDollar a Day Dress Neoliberalism is talking about money and economics and progression Dollar a Daymany nations together by one Sovereigty states ability to control its nationstability with economics Dr Zaidiexamples of cruise ships increase the costs along the lines in the Bahamas and the ships said no and they will dock somewhere else affecting the economy of the country where the port islines start to blur Why might we say sovereignty might now exist Taxes Tarriffs economic sovereignty doesnt exist because they are sharing the money in a sense Answer the questions and conclude
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