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PP230 Final: Nuclear War is "Omnicide" by Somerville Reading Note

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Craig Beam

Nuclear War is Omnicide Somerville Nuclear war isnt war, rather its much different War: physical conflict between large groups of ppl, after which you can identify a winner and a loser, through war you can count on the fact that there would still be humans left and an earth to live on o With war, there is always a possibility of a future for humanity o Nuclear combat does not give us that same assurances, so nuclear war is misleading ppl to think the same factors involved in war are involved in nuclear combat Author proses a new term to replace nuclear war omnicide, cause iit threatens to wipe out everything o It would change how we respond to nuclear activity ex. We would be more opposed to it and it would be easier for the UN to have everyone agree to outlaw it when it is called by its right name nuclear omnicide o The reality of it more daunting and scary when called that Following the dropping of the first atomic bombs in th 40s,everyone was stunned and no one wanted to think of its consequences and danger, only philosophers could think in terms of totatlity Call for preventative eschatology old philosophicalreligious doctrine o Bring back the religious aspect and unit it with the scientific methodology o Ppl should draw upon all of the social sciences to address this issue because it is a human problem that we all should be invested in rectifying People need to grasp the reality that current weapons in existence have the power to kill every single human being in the most cruel and painful way St. Anselm of Canterbury: I do not understand in order to believe; I believe in order to understand to apply this point belief is a matter of degree, so that the more deeply a person believes the omnicidal facts already know, the faster he will take action o Means that known facts must be communicated in every way possible, but truthfully and then it can set you free, but you have to believe it first The truth about omnicide is already out there but its difficult for most ppl to believe Cuban Missile Crisis its a fact that the US gov made a decision that would have resulted in wiping out entire populations if soviet missiles werent removed from Cuba o Robert Kennedy wrote about about the Cuban Missile Crisis called The Story about How the World Almost Ended the US gov has not denied Kennedys account of the situation o And since then all US govs have adopted this policy of omnicidal blackmail o Since his book, his accounts were printed on magazines, but the book or magazines didnt cause an outcry even tho it was explicitly stated that the us gov expected to release those missiles, they intended to kill all those ppl because they were sure that the Soviets wouldn comply
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